Imaging yourself grabbing a camera and you feel like taking pictures of anything, a house, a car or maybe people sitting in a café. At that moment you are super excited, and the result which you desire will first be registered in your mind, that means you know what you want, but the big question is… will you be able to achieve that perfection? Over the years photography has been viewed as knowing how to handle the camera, and I wonder why everyone can operate and click the shutter button on the camera, but only few can get beautiful results. That is where Speedlight comes in. Many experienced photographers will let you know how important it is to dedicate more energy on the study of Speedlight rather than the mother context (Photography).

On the face of it, some people rely on ambient light or sun, but the good news is, there are flashes made for cameras which will not only improve the quality of your photos but will give it the accuracy you are trying to attain.

Yongnuo is a Chinese manufacturer of flashes and other photographic accessories, which has a unique range of dedicated manual flashes. The YN560 IV Speedlight model has no TTL or automatic features whatsoever. This implies that they are far cheaper than their TTL neighbours; especially the OEM flashes and you can also check the detailed review of YN568EX II made by Yongnuo.




This manual flash does make sense for off-camera flash photography. It offers a lot of flash power and can be used with external battery packs. Seemingly, they are also directly compatible with many Yongnuo flash triggers and controllers; no additional radio receivers required!

If you are zealous in doing off-camera flash, then this flash I bet will give ultimate utility. Affordable, highly durable, technically built, powerful and cross-compatible with many additional off-camera flash gear.

We are ready to take you through everything you need to know about Yongnuo YN560 IV. Over the years, Yongnuo has manufactured earlier models of YN560 IV. We have seen YN560 I to III but, this manual flash has more important features and Yongnuo flashes are cheaper compared to other ones like the Nikkon, Canon just to mention a few.

Basic Features and Performance
Compared with YN460-II and YN460 that are earlier models of Yongnuo made speedlights, it is specially designed for professional creative photography click here to buy on Amazon.



A new build: The brand-new appearance makes it look more attractive, creditable, comfortable and professional and easy to handle.

Enhanced power zoom function: By pushing the ‘’+’’ and ‘’-‘’ button on the flash, you can change the focal length range from 24 to 105mm.

GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm: YONGNUO gives YN560 a higher guide number which reaches the level of the mainstream hot shoe flashes.

The improved wireless triggering sensor: YONGNUO improves the wireless triggering sensor for YN560, which can be used in outdoor environment up to 15meters. Also, the S1 (slave 1) and S2 (slave 2) mode are improved.

Sound indicator: When the charging process is completed, the flash will give a ticking sound, so you may concentrate on the creativity process. (Note: the sound can be switched off). 

New charging port for external power pack: YN560 adds a charging socket for external power pack, to meet your higher demand for charging recycle.

New PC synchronous port: YN560 adds a standard PC synchronous port, which makes it simpler for you to use the PC synchronous line. 

Super speed of charging recycle: It only takes 3 seconds in charging after full power output. Even without new batteries, you can get the super charging speed that it just needs 4~5 seconds; so you can completely get rid of the nightmare of anxious waiting for charging. Also, you can use the external power pack to accelerate the charging speed once more.

Supporting high-speed continuous shooting: Under the output level of 1/8 or below, YN560 can support the 8FPS high-speed continuous shooting. 

The improved power saving mode: YONGNUO designs the power saving mode for YN560. If we set the power saving mode, the flash will shut down sooner automatically; in the non-saving mode, it will stay on for a longer time before automatic shutdown. 

The more fine output control: The output control of YN560 is finer. The output range is from 1/128 to 1/1 and each class of flash’s output has eight small fine tuning stalls. With its zooming flash head, YN560 makes you nearly achieve your anticipant lighting effect. 

The automatic setting saving: YN560 can automatically save your current setting



Please note: The installation is straightforward, all you need do is follow the instructions fully available in the user’s guide and for more photos and info on this product, click here to get the Manual.



Full and detailed Specifications 


Circuit design                                              Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) 

 Guide No.                                                    58 (ISO 100, 105mm) 

 Flash mode                                                 M, S1, S2 

 Zoom range                                                24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80, 105mm 

Vertical rotation angle                                -7~90 degrees 

Horizontal rotation angle                           0~270 degrees 

 Power supply                                             4×AAsize batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable)

Lighting times                                           100~1500 times (AA alkaline cell used) 

Recycle time                                              approx. 3s (AA alkaline cell used) 

Colour temperature                                     5600k 

Flash time                                                     1/200s~1/20000s 

Flash control                                               8 levels of output control (1/128~1/1),

                                                                       57 levels of fine tuning 

External interface                                       hot shoe, PC port and eternal charging port 

Wireless triggering distance                      20~30m indoor, 10~15m outdoor 

Additional features                                    The electronic flash head zooming,

                                                                  Sound indicator, automatically saving setting,                                                                                                                         

                                                             PC port, power saving mode and Overheat Protection.

 Dimensions                                                60×190×78mm (Extended state) 

Net weight                                                 350g 

Accessories Flashlight                             (1), protecting bag (1), mini stand (1) and manual (1)


Apparently, Yongnuo YN560 IV possess several other advanced features which are applicable and very useful to our quest (achieving perfection and creativity in photography).


The fine-tuning function of output power: YN560 has the fine-tuning function of output power. You can do more nice adjustment to the flash output with this function so that you can achieve more elaborate exposure control.

Multi-flash Lighting Application: This goes to the pros that have used speedlights before. Use inbuilt flash or top-mounted flash as master flash.

In outdoor application, radio signals can be reflected by walls; therefore, the placement of the slave flash should have more space.

The wireless triggering sensor is more sensitive than before, that means that we can use S1/S2 modes in outdoor environments up to 15 meters distance. When it is used outdoor, please keep in mind the following tips: the wireless triggering window needs to face the master flash and the direct sunlight shall be avoided. If these demands conflict with your desired direction of light irradiation, please try to rotate the flash head in each direction
in order to meet the shooting demands.


Buttons are effective immediately: With YN560 IV, you can get the faster operation speed. Just press the correspondent buttons, and the correspondent functions in the current state will be effective immediately, including the power switch, the test of flash output, mode switch, adjustment of output power, zooming, sound switch, etc.

The use of external charging box: You can buy YONGNUO external charging boxes like SF-18C or SF-17C and connect it to the charging port of the flash. After flash, the charging box will charge the flash.

High-speed continuous shooting: The flash can realise the high-speed continuous shooting. You will have to set the camera in the continuous shooting form and then shoot.

Please note: The number of photos that can be continuous shot is related to the output level.
Please use the fully charged battery.

Reflection Flash: Bounce flash means to take photos by making flashlight head aimed directly at the wall or ceiling and using the light reflected back from the ceiling or wall to light the desired object so that the shade behind the object can be decreased to get a more natural look ( softer shadows). If the reflected area is too far, the bounced light maybe will be too weak to get enough exposure. The wall or ceiling should be white to get efficient reflection; we can use any colour as a reflection, but if the reflection surface is not white though, colour cast may appear in the photo.

Use Reflection Board to Take Photos: With the reflection board flash, draw the reflection board and the wide-angle diffusion board out from the light head at the same time and then push the wide-angle diffusion board back. In such case, if this product is being used to take photos, it will produce a highlighted point in the eyes of the subject and thus make the eyes charming (catch light). This function can reach optimal effect when the flasher head is up 90°.*

*APA: Yongnuo Yn565ex User Manual Pdf Download. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1018675/Yongnuo-Yn565ex.html


Based on logistics and thorough research we have realised that people might have experience or may face one or two challenges when using this flash, which happens a lot which is determined by usage and handling, the following are the problems and solutions to them are proffered:

  • Outdoors usage: For outdoor application, please avoid direct sunlight to the wireless triggering sensor and ensure normal use of the flash.
  • Are photos under exposure or over exposure? Check if the set shutter, aperture and ISO are too near the flash limit or if some settings including exposure compensation about flash are proper.
  • Precaution for outdoor use of lambency umbrella: The lambency umbrella mounted on the flashlight outdoors may be blown down easily, and the hot shoe of the flashlight may be broken. Please fix the mounting rack or avoid outdoor use.
  • You may feel the flash control panel is dim because there is one protective film on the panel; you can tear it away to enjoy a clear visual effect.
  • Is the flashlight abnormal? Switch off the power of flashlight and camera, mount the flashlight on the hot shoe of the camera, and switch on the power of flashlight and camera again. If the abnormity continues, replace the batteries.


Facts from Chris

Speedlight study and application are crucial to creativity.

Accuracy and perfection in photography is the primary goal; now you should have known that failure, excuses and apologies are not are not accepted by clients, boss and people. You just have to be creative to blend the edge and move above limits.

Affordability, Durability, portability and utility, as well as ease of use, is what makes YN560 IV the best choice when choosing manual flashlights, which gives your work far more significant benefits compared to the amount you are spending.


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