About me

About me

Hello everyone and welcome at Chris Cotton Art Photography where we will discuss everything about photography.
My name is Chris, I love photography, and I believe that if all of us will start to share ideas and give feedback to each other definitely we will improve our creativity!

What am I doing?

Photography is an Art… But it is also my passion…

I have embarked on this never-ending learning journey which for the past few years has offered me amazing experiences and insight into people’s feelings, expectations and special moments.

I would love to get a chance to photograph every occasion and event imaginable but where my true passion and most of my current experience lie, is with product photography, portraits and various events, especially those of musicians…

I am however open to suggestions and experimentation on photography is what I live for… Contact me direct if you feel like sharing your feelings about my work or you can ask me things that may I will be able to help.
Feel free to suggest me any specific tutorial that you would like me to include in this journey…. or you can email me with your articles of anything you would like me to post.

Also, from September 2017 I am doing a Foundation Degree (FdA) in photography at UCBC university – after finishing college  (in photography) last year – and I am planning to be there for the next 3 years, at least…. The third year will be a Photography BA (Hons) Top-Up and I will be very happy to share any knowledge I obtain from this amazing course.


Why did I create this blog?

I remember, when I was starting this Journey, I had difficulties to take a good Photograph, and I was trying to find as much information as possible to improve my skills.That’s why I would like to help as many people as possible…

I have to say at this point that there are some amazing photographers/sources out there who helped me to understand photography. I am feeling very lucky that I discovered them as they make my journey more enjoyable. It is always better when you have fellow travellers with you…I am going to mention them through my blog anyway!



My goal through this journey is to help people to improve photography skills, also share any knowledge I am going to obtain from the course and If we can be a big community which we can help each other would be amazing!

No one is perfect and never will be! That’s why we need each other, in my opinion at least!

Follow the light to achieve the results you desire!

Enjoy our journey!

Thank you very much for your time to visit my blog!

My best wishes

Chris Cotton Art


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